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About Yoga

Yoga is historically the worlds oldest science, being documented in Vedic texts that date back over 5000 years. Today, millions of people around the world use the technology of Yoga to serve them in every capacity imaginable, including developing their physical ability to its highest potential, healing any disease or injury, and finding mental peace and emotional balance. Yoga is such a broad science that has been perfected over so many millennia that there is no wonder it is the most powerful and effective discipline available to serve humanity's challenges today.

The most common misconception about Yoga is that it is some form of religion or has religious affiliation. This is not true. People of all religious beliefs and philosophies adopt Yoga as a discipline in their lives, but Yoga itself is purely a science that is focused on creating happiness in humanity via facilitating natural balance between ones spirit, mind, body and environment. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means union, and this word refers to the natural connection we have to every part of our selves and each other. By realizing the simple fact of our connection, we would not treat anyone in a fashion that we do not desire to be treated ourselves, and only treat every one in the greatest way that we would like to be treated. To live by this wisdom is the true practice of Yoga, all the disciplines and exercises that are practiced after this realization simply allow us the physical health, emotional balance and mental clarity necessary as a means to fulfill this simple yet profound spiritual end.


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