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Yoga for All - Practice   $60 plus shipping
The "Yoga for All - Practice" DVD series is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. With in-depth explanation and demonstration by Yogi Nasser, each level is comprehensive in its approach to Yogic philosophy, breath, meditation and movement. Produced by Govinda, approximate running time for the three DVDs is 6 hours.

Yoga for All - Workshop   $40 plus shipping
The "Yoga for All - Workshop" is a two DVD set that features Yogi Nasser guiding one of his more experienced students, as well as a beginning student in an extensive Yoga practice that is chock-full of helpful techniques and tips. This unique set is an excellent tool that illustrates how to approach practicing and teaching Yoga for students of all ability levels, and is highly recommended for serious teachers. Produced by Govinda, approximate running time is 4 hours.

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